You can now create issue templates for Backlog

When you’re repeatedly creating similar issues, it’s nice to have a template. Templates ensure each issue contains the same information in the same structure. With our new issue templates feature, you can use the issue type selector to create an issue from a template of your choice. Once selected, the summary and description of the issue will automatically populate.

Creating an issue template

This feature is only available for Standard, Premium, and Platinum plans.

To create an issue template, go to Project Settings > Issue Type and fill in the summary and description text fields.

Creating an issue template

Note: Issue templates do not currently support dictating other attributes.

Using issue templates

To use an issue template, add a new issue and select the template from the Issue Type drop-down.

choosing an issue template

Note: You cannot insert a template from the Edit Issue screen.


We’ve created some examples of Issue Templates to get you started; just click here! Feel free to copy and alter them to your liking.

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