New Azure icons & templates for all your architecture diagramming needs

Creating and sharing professional cloud architecture diagrams in Cacoo is about to get even easier with our new collection of Azure icons and networking templates. The new templates and shapes support Azure functions, Azure virtual networks, and personalized marketing solutions. And your team is going to love them!

Together with Cacoo’s collaborative features such as simultaneous editing, commenting, sharing/exporting, as well as simple diagram embedding, your team has everything they need to produce professional-looking architecture diagrams and project documentation.

Azure icons

There are a variety of icons to choose from. To use them, simply drag and drop them from your shapes library onto the editor’s canvas.

azure icons

Azure templates

We’ve also added new templates using the Azure icons to help get you started.

Azure templates

Final thoughts

Architecture diagrams are essential for communicating your plans clearly. They can help your team avoid misunderstandings that lead to costly technical mistakes.

With these new icons and templates now available in Cacoo, your architecture diagrams will be easy for anyone on your team to understand and implement.

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