Cacoo is a G2 High Performer for Summer 2019!

We have great news to share with you: Cacoo has been named a High Performer in Summer 2019 on G2 for both the Diagramming and Small Business categories. And that’s not all: We are also among the top 5 software in the diagramming category on a list of 75 tools!

High Performer - Summer 2019

G2 High Performer for Summer 2019

G2 is a popular peer-to-peer review platform hosting over 800,000 independent user reviews read by more than 3 million people every month. In such a crowded market, being chosen as a High Performer is extremely rewarding. So… thank you! Thanks for your incredible support. It means a lot to us, truly.

Our mission is to make Cacoo the best diagramming software you can use to bring your ideas to life. We recently released new features we think will help unleash your creativity even more:

– a brand new real-time collaborative editor
– the new AWS Importer
– a new mention feature
– we also introduced dynamic charts and a new system to manage folders more easily

Your opinion matters more than anything to our team of developers. It’s your voice that guides them in perfecting Cacco and making it an invaluable creative asset.

Take a look below to see what other users are saying about Cacoo, and remember that if you haven’t done so already, you can also leave a review on G2. We look forward to hearing your voice too!

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