Cacoo’s HTML5 editor to be released August 28th!

This update has been a long time in the making, but we’re finally ready to release Cacoo’s HTML5 editor on August 28th!

The release will take place in two parts:

  • First, the new editor will be introduced for creating new diagrams only.
  • Then, users will be able to convert existing diagrams.

Changes to Expect in Cacoo’s HTML5 Editor

Cacoo’s HTML5 editor will deliver impeccable performance, improved speed, and new features to follow. But there are also a few limitations compared to our Flash version.

Browser compatibility

First, because we’re migrating from Flash to HTML5, our editor will work better on some browsers than others.

Below is a list of supported browsers:

・Google Chrome (Latest version)
・Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)
・Microsoft Edge (Creators Update later)
・Google Chrome (Latest version)
・Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)
・Safari (Version 10.1 Later)

Note: Internet Explorer will no longer be supported in any version due to incompatibility issues with HTML5.

Saying Goodbye to Cacoo Ninja

Second, we’re saying farewell to an old friend: our Ninja integration. While Cacoo Ninja provided all of us with years of greater functionality than our Flash version could support, with the introduction of HTML5, we no longer need him for these functions.

Features such as inserting screen captures and exporting PDF’s will be available using OS and browser alternative functions. We will include a guide with further details once the new editor is released.

Font availability

With Flash, we could use the Flash Player function to automatically determine fonts installed by PC users. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent function in HTML5.

Therefore, in our HTML5 editor, we have added a new button in the font selection section of the Inspector that allows you to update your list of installed fonts manually.

Minimum font size

Chrome and Safari both set a minimum font size, which means your font might be displayed larger than you set it because it is being overridden by your browser settings.

If you want to select a smaller font size, you’ll need to change your browser’s minimum font size setting.

Final Thoughts

These minor limitations may take some getting used to for some, but they are trivial compared to the impact implementing HTML5 will have on the future of Cacoo.

The long wait is coming to an end; the release of HTML5 is near!

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