Cacoo unveils new integrations

It’s raining integrations! Cacoo now supports seamless integrations with four major cloud storage services: Dropbox,, Adobe Creative Cloud Assets and Google Drive. Insert your images directly from the cloud to Cacoo!



Dropbox + Cacoo

Easily insert PNG and JPEG images into a Cacoo diagram from Dropbox, one of the most popular cloud storage services in the world! Simply select “Insert an image from Dropbox” in the Cacoo diagram editor, login and choose the images you would like to add—all without leaving the comfort of the Cacoo application! It’s easy to get started and even easier to use!box-cacoo

Box + Cacoo

Take your PNG and JPEG files outside the “box” and into a Cacoo diagram with our Box integration! Our convenient image chooser feature allows you to login to your Box account directly from Cacoo. Upload the images you need in a breeze!


Adobe Creative Cloud + Cacoo

Files in your Adobe Creative Cloud Assets folder can now be inserted into a Cacoo diagram! The best part—you don’t have to export your PSD or AI files to PNG or JPEG in order to upload! Easily upload PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, AI and EPS files to Cacoo with our in-app Adobe Creative Cloud Assets image chooser. All uploaded files will automatically be converted to PNG when inserted in a

Google Drive + Cacoo

Manage your Cacoo diagrams from your computer, tablet or mobile device with our Google Drive integration! Connect your Cacoo account with Google Drive in order to open, create, share, search and export your diagrams on the go. Access your Cacoo diagrams, from anywhere! 

For a full list of integrations, please visit the Cacoo Integrations page. Stay tuned for more upcoming integrations in the near future!

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