Cacoo’s editor is cleaner and more powerful than ever

After our first iteration of the new Cacoo editor, we’ve spent a lot of time testing, listening to users, and getting feedback from our team — who also use Cacoo every day. The result: a cleaner, more powerful Cacoo. We’re excited to introduce you to the redesigned editor!

What’s new with Cacoo’s editor

The first thing you’ll notice is how much more spacious your canvas looks. We’ve paired down our menus to only the essentials. Every option available to you before is still there! But it only takes up space on the canvas when and where you need it.


  • Left: On the left, you’ll still find your main menu, where you can select what you want to create (i.e. shape, text, line, pencil, table, template, or chart) as well as options for exporting and commenting on your diagram.
  • Top: When you select an object, options for customizing that object will appear up top.
  • Right: To your right, you’ll still find the sheets of your diagram, and you’ll also find a set of icons above that take you to the new comments panel feature (more on that below) and your settings.
  • Bottom: And below, you’ll see viewing options, versions, and links to support.

You’ll also notice a new feature!

Comments panel

To make it easier to find, respond, and manage your diagram comments, we’ve added a comments panel. Simply click on the comments icon above your sheets, and you can:

  • Show/hide comments
  • Display all comments in a diagram
  • Click to open the comment

What’s next?

We want Cacoo to be so easy to use that anyone from any background or skillset can make beautiful, professional-looking diagrams with their team. We’ll continue to bring you the collaboration tools you need in a UI that works for everyone.

Try out Cacoo’s editor today! Simply log in to your Cacoo account, or sign up for a free trial here. And let us know your thoughts!

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