Present diagrams with ease with Cacoo’s new Follow Mode

Have you ever struggled during a live presentation to direct your audience’s attention to exactly what you’re referring to? That’s the problem that Cacoo’s latest feature, Follow Mode, solves.

With this new feature, viewers can now effortlessly follow the cursor movements of their presenter or other team members in the session, providing a clear and real-time visual cue of anyone’s actions on the screen. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas, navigating through complex diagrams, or delivering a compelling presentation, Follow Mode ensures that everyone stays on the same page.

The benefits of using Follow Mode

In a world where seamless collaboration is paramount, Follow Mode offers many benefits for both presenters and viewers. Here are a few:

More transparency and clarity

Whether explaining a complex process, demonstrating a design concept, or walking through a workflow, Follow Mode allows you to guide your peers step by step, ensuring clarity and understanding.

Flexibility as a viewer

As a viewer, Follow Mode gives you the flexibility to choose whose cursor to follow, enabling you to closely observe a collaborator’s actions and gain valuable insights into their thought process. This feature ensures that every member of the team remains informed and engaged.

More efficient meetings

Meetings can often veer off course, leading to wasted time and inefficiency. With Follow Mode, viewers can stay focused and on track by following the presenter’s cursor, ensuring that discussions remain productive and objectives are met within the allocated time frame.

More engaging presentations

With Follow Mode, presenters can effortlessly guide collaborators through diagrams in real time. By providing complete transparency in your cursor movements, you can more clearly emphasize key points and maintain audience focus throughout the presentation, resulting in more effective communication.

How to use Follow Mode

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Following along or requesting others to follow you using Follow Mode is easy. As a viewer, simply click on a user’s avatar to automatically track their movements, with their name and cursor color displayed at the top-middle of your screen. 

Alternatively, when a presenter activates “Follow me” mode, everyone receives a notification to follow, ensuring seamless engagement. Presenters can effortlessly initiate this mode by clicking on their own avatar, prompting automatic following by all users in the document. Want more info? Check out our support article for more detailed steps. 

Get started with Follow Mode

Ready to experience Follow mode firsthand? Sign up for a free trial of Cacoo and discover the benefits for seamless collaboration today.

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