Managing folders gets easier with a few updates to the Cacoo dashboard

The Cacoo dashboard helps you manage all of your personal and team diagrams and share them with the right collaborators. Working with others across teams, departments, and offices takes a lot of organizational power, which is why we’re releasing a few key updates to make your dashboard better than ever.

View ‘All’ diagrams

At first glance, you will see a new viewing option for ‘All’ in your left-hand menu below ‘Recents’ and ‘Favorites.’ Click here to see every Cacoo diagram you have access to.

Cacoo Dashboard 2.0

Private vs. Shared folders

Next, you’ll notice a new folder structure. We’ve separated Private and Shared Folders to give you a clearer view and more control over sharing.

Private Folders vs Shared Folders

You can also now drag and drop folders to make them private or to share them with others.

Pinned folders

To help you keep your most useful folders readily available, we’ve introduced a new pinning feature. Click the pin next to your favorite folders to keep them at the top of your folders list.

Pinned folders - Cacoo dashboard

New filter

Finally, we’ve added a new filter for search. With the new “Shared with me” option, you can search for diagrams shared with you by your fellow collaborators.

Shared with me filter

The Cacoo dashboard

We hope these new tools make navigating your folders and diagrams quick and easy.

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