Microsoft Teams integration now available in Cacoo

Supporting team collaboration is our goal, so we want to make sure we’re available wherever your team is working. Enter our latest Cacoo integration: Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Teams & Cacoo

With the new Microsoft Teams integration, you get important notifications about your Cacoo diagrams, including:

  • Diagram added
  • Diagram updated
  • Digram commented
  • Member added
  • Team added

You choose which notifications are most important to you.

Connecting Microsoft Teams with Cacoo

To connect Microsoft Teams with Cacoo, simply apply the incoming webhook URL generated from the Teams channel with the following steps.

1. Select “Settings” (2) from the organization or profile icon (1) at the top of your global bar drop-down menu.

Cacoo Settings Dropdown

2. Go to the “Integrations” (3) tab, find the Microsoft Teams integration, and click “See Folder List” (4).

3. Select the folder(s) that you want to connect and click “Connect” (5).

Cacoo Integrations Options - Connect

A dialog window will prompt requiring you to enter the webhook URL from Microsoft Teams. Copy and paste the unique URL generated by the Microsoft Teams Channel’s webhook and paste it into the Cacoo dialog window (6). Complete the step by clicking “Next” (7).

Microsoft Teams integration dailog

Once successfully connected, you will receive notifications whenever the actions you selected are performed in a Cacoo diagram.

Get updates as quickly as possible, so you can get more done with the new Cacoo & Microsoft Teams integration.

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