New diagram templates available in Cacoo!

We have added more diagram templates to our collection! Templates help you quickly get started on your diagram and makes visually organizing your ideas easier. Check out our new templates:



Flowcharts help you visualize the steps in a process. Cacoo provides all the flowchart symbols needed to create a professional diagram. Use our new Data Flow Diagram (DFD) template to follow the flow of data in your information system. Learn more about Cacoo flowchart templates.

Data Flow Diagram TemplateData Flow Diagram (DFD)


Create the framework of your website, mobile app, or software UI using a wireframe. Cacoo allows you to create, share, and edit wireframes with teammates and clients in real-time. Customize our new app wireframe to make it your own. Learn more about Cacoo wireframe templates.

Wireframe ExampleiOS Mobile App Wireframe

Network Diagrams

Map out the structure of your network to easily visualize how items are connected. Cacoo provides AWS, WAN, DNS and security network diagram templates. Our latest AWS VPC network diagram will help you outline your architecture. Learn more about Cacoo network diagram templates.

AWS VPC DiagramAWS VPC Diagram

Venn Diagrams

Venn diagrams show relationships between two or more ideas. Use Cacoo to create 3 circle, 4 circle, and 5 circle Venn diagrams. Learn more about Cacoo Venn diagram templates.

Venn Diagram TemplateVenn Diagram

Database & ER Diagrams  

A database model illustrates the structure of a database. Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams are a type of database model that shows relationships between data. Customize one of our database or ER templates, or create your own! Learn more about Cacoo database diagram templates.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

SWOT Analysis  

Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your organization using a SWOT analysis diagram. Collaborate on SWOT ideas together as a team with Cacoo. Learn more about Cacoo SWOT templates.

SWOT TemplateSWOT Analysis

Mind Maps  

Mind maps help you visualize ideas and concepts. Our new mind map template allows you to map out your ideas in a clear, organized way. Learn more about Cacoo mind map templates.

Mind Map TemplateMind Map

Org Charts

Illustrate the structure of your company or team with an organization chart. Use our new Matrix Org Structure template to show dual reporting and Functional Org Structure to list each functional team in an organization. Learn more about Cacoo org chart templates.

Matrix Org Structure TemplateMatrix Org Structure

AWS Diagrams  

Cacoo now provides the full set of AWS icons needed to create architecture diagrams. Customize the standard AWS 2-tier Architecture Diagram in 1 Zone to represent your managed services. Learn more about Cacoo AWS templates.

AWS IconsAWS 2-Tier Architecture Diagram

Gantt Charts  

Visualize your project schedule with a Gantt chart. Cacoo allows you to create timelines of future projects to share with co-workers, managers, and clients. Use our new Gantt chart template to illustrate when each phase of a project will take place. Learn more about Cacoo Gantt chart templates.

Gantt Chart TemplateGantt Chart Template

UML Diagrams  

UML is used in software development to visually represent architecture, design, and implementation of systems. There are two types of UML models: behavioral and structural. Our latest use case UML diagram can be used to depict user interaction with a system. Learn more about Cacoo UML templates.

UML Use Case TemplateUML Use Case

GCP Diagrams

Cacoo now provides the full set of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) icons needed to create architecture diagrams. Customize the standard GCP Content Management Architecture to represent your managed services. Learn more about Cacoo GCP templates.

GCP Architecture TemplateGCP Content Management Architecture

Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)

Use BPMN to visualize and improve business processes. Cacoo provides all the symbols needed to create professional BPMN for presentations, reports, whitepapers, and more. Customize our new BPMN template, or create your own! Learn more about Cacoo BPMN templates.

BPMN ExampleBusiness Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)



Cacoo allows you to easily create, edit, and share presentations with anyone—without emailing new versions back and forth. Build your presentations right next to your diagrams! Learn more about Cacoo presentation templates.

Presentation TemplatePresentation Template

PERT Charts

Schedule, organize, and coordinate tasks in a project using our new PERT chart template. Learn more about Cacoo PERT chart templates.

PERT Chart TemplatePERT Chart

Fishbone Diagrams  

A fishbone diagram, or Ishikawa diagram, illustrates cause and effect. Customize our new fishbone diagram to find the source of your business problems. Learn more about Cacoo fishbone diagram templates.

Ishikawa Diagram TemplateFishbone Diagram (Ishikawa Diagram)

Sales Funnels  

Map out the buying process you lead customers through with a sales funnel. Create and collaborate on funnels with teammates to represent ideas unique to your business. Learn more about Cacoo sales funnel templates.

Sales Funnel TemplateSales Funnel Template


Organize the list of pages on your website with a sitemap. Cacoo offers a variety of sitemap styles for you to show website navigation and interactions between pages. Learn more about Cacoo sitemap templates.

Sitemap TemplateSitemap Template

Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)  

Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) break down projects into smaller, easier to manage components. Customize our new WBS template to better organize your project. Learn more about Cacoo WBS templates.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) ExampleWork Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Monthly Calendars  

Use our new monthly calendar template to organize work for your team, allocate time to specific projects, identify potential risks, and stay on schedule. Learn more about Cacoo calendar templates.

Calendar TemplateBlank Monthly Calendar

Floor Plans  

Create the layout of your office, cubicle, restaurant, salon, and more with a floor plan. Cacoo allows you to create and share your floor plans with anyone to get feedback and make changes. Learn more about Cacoo floor plan templates.

Office Floor Plan ExampleOffice Floor Plan

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