The newest templates for Cacoo are here: Here’s how your team can use them

Ever wanted to find templates on Cacoo’s website for your particular role? Well, now you can! This past month, we launched a brand new template search page with categories that include job types, as well as the traditional diagram types. To make this update even sweeter, we added over 20 new templates to Cacoo’s template list that you can start using now!

Here’s who the new templates will benefit and why we think you’ll love them!

Templates for marketing teams

Marketing teams will be thrilled to know that there are TEN new templates in Cacoo created with them in mind. Whether you’re creating a new marketing strategy from scratch or building your marketing plan with a marketing mix venn diagram, we’ve got templates that you can utilize for planning out every detail. Some additional templates we added include a new Marketing SWOT Analysis Template, a Persona template, and a Customer Journey Map Template

To see all of the Marketing templates available in Cacoo, check out the Marketing Templates here

Templates for project management teams

Project managers and their teams will benefit from a few new templates in Cacoo as well. Aside from our existing templates for PM’s such as the Gantt chart template and the PERT Chart template, we’ve added a few others that project management teams can use to help visualize the details of any project, big or small. The Project Management Timeline template is ready for input, so you can easily illustrate all of the important milestones and goals accomplished throughout a specific timeline. Some additional templates for project managers include the Phases of Project Management Template and the Project Management Presentation Template. 

You can view all of the templates created for Project Management teams here

Templates for product design teams 

The newest templates for Product and Design teams were made to simplify the most creative and time-consuming parts of product design. These teams will enjoy an updated iOS Mobile Wireframe for creating app designs and pre-made wireframes such as the Company Website Wireframe and Website Mockup Wireframe. For planning purposes, we think they’ll love the Product Roadmap Template, Product Review Template, and the Product Release Template

You can view all of the templates created for Product design teams here

Templates for everyone

Whether you’re coming from a nonprofit, small business, startup, or enterprise company, we created new templates for teams of every size and included them in the Business and General sections. Some of the newest templates you may like include our new org charts, timeline templates, presentation templates, and more. 

Have a template you’d like to see added to Cacoo’s library? Contact us here with your idea and we’ll send you a gift if we publish it! 

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