Take teamwork to the next level with real-time collaborative editing

The Cacoo canvas is an infinite, collaborative space where your team can work on diagrams in real time. And now, Cacoo is more collaborative than ever with real-time collaborative editing.

gantt gif - real-time collaborative editing

Real-time collaborative editing in Cacoo

One of the benefits of working on a physical whiteboard is the fact that you can watch your team members actively engage with and add things to the board. Now, working in the Cacoo editor will function similarly — but better.

Each collaborator’s live cursor shows in real-time where they are on the canvas and what shapes they’re selecting and editing. Changes sync to everyone’s screen in real-time, making it easy to interact and build on each other ideas without any lag-time, saving, or refreshing.

Working with your team in Cacoo can now provide both the tangible teamwork of a whiteboard and the benefits and features of using a piece of powerful diagramming software.


A better way to collaborate

Whether you’re sitting side-by-side or on a conference call across countries, real-time collaborative editing allows everyone on the canvas to demonstrate their ideas visually both quickly and easily.

Real-time collaboration is great for:

  • Remote teams brainstorming on a collective mindmap
  • Product/design teams incorporating feedback and presenting ideas in real-time on wireframes
  • Marketing teams reviewing internal decks before presenting them to the organization at large
  • Developers visualizing network solutions for their office
  • HR teams reimagining their org charts during a time of change management
  • And so much more! 

Feature details

You can choose to turn your live cursor on and off. Once enabled, you’ll begin sharing and viewing real-time activity from your team, including where their cursors are and what they’re editing.

Each cursor is labeled with the collaborator’s name (including your own!) and given a unique color. When someone selects a shape, the selected shape is highlighted by the same color.

Cacoo - Showing all editors

If you’re the only user on the canvas, your cursor won’t have a label/color until another user joins.

Cacoo - New collaborator has joined

As you’re editing, you can see the actions of others play out in real-time. If one of your collaborators alters a shape, edits some text, draws or moves a line, edits a table, or anything else, you’ll see each committed change automatically sync with your view, live.

When someone selects a shape, other users cannot edit it. Once unselected, others can again move or edit the item.

Final thoughts

With Cacoo’s real-time collaboration capabilities, you can rapidly make changes, add comments, manage feedback, and work together — whether your team members are by your side or across the globe.

Spend less time going back and forth and more time collaborating to bring your ideas to life.

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