New Cacoo feature alert: Avatars for sticky notes are now here!

Here at Nulab, we’re constantly working on new Cacoo features to make your virtual diagramming sessions even better. We also understand the challenges of fostering meaningful interactions in a digital space, which is why we’re proud to introduce avatars to Cacoo’s sticky note function.

Thanks to your feedback and insights from our Nulabers, the sticky note avatar feature brings a more personal touch to virtual collaboration. Here are some key reasons why this feature is a game-changer:

Simplified voting process: With avatars accompanying sticky notes, voting and decision-making is seamless. You can now quickly identify whose input you’re evaluating and make informed choices effortlessly.

Effortless discussions: The sticky note avatar function lets you instantly locate specific opinions and their corresponding authors. This expedites discussions and helps in providing effective feedback during brainstorming sessions.

Enhanced personalization: Remote work can sometimes lack the personal element that comes naturally in face-to-face interactions. The avatars of your colleagues inject a sense of camaraderie and familiarity, making collaboration more engaging and dynamic.

At Nulab, we’re committed to delivering features that set the standard for collaboration tools. We remain committed to refining your remote work experience, one feature at a time. Ready to try this new feature out for yourself? Log in to Cacoo now and experience the power of the sticky note avatars feature firsthand!

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