The canvas for your limitless creativity

Be as creative as you can be — without the limitations.

Whether you’re an engineer visualizing a problem, a designer wireframing your next UI, a student taking notes, a teacher giving captivating lectures, a manager brainstorming the next big thing with your team, or a scientist working on long formulas, the Cacoo Canvas is the ideal tool to help you think and communicate visually.Cacoo infinity canvas

You can use the Cacoo Canvas to take notes, sketch diagrams, explore and grow ideas visually, brainstorm with your team, organize your thoughts spatially, and so much more…

Working together with your team leads to better and more abundant ideas. Now, you can have all the initial ideas in one place, all the feedback and extra input, all the outcomes, on just one canvas. Everybody is included, every idea has room, and everyone has a complete overview of the project.

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