Video chat while diagramming with your collaborators

With Cacoo, you can easily leave comments and live chat right within your diagrams. But sometimes it’s more effective and personal to chat face to face as you’re creating. Now, you can do just that right in the Cacoo editor with our new video chat feature.

Video chat in Cacoo

While you’re diagramming, simply click on the Video icon in the right-hand menu. Select “Join Video Chat” and choose your video settings. Then select “Join.”

Cacoo's video chat tool

You can see who else is there in the video chat panel. And when you’re ready, just hit the “Leave” button to leave the chat.

Cacoo's video chat panel

Users on the Free plan can video chat with up to three people at a time. Users on our Team plan or any other paid service can chat with up to five collaborators.

Learn more about the video chat feature in our support article.

Start video chatting today

Sometimes you just can’t beat face-to-face interaction. And with Cacoo’s new video chat feature, you don’t have to.

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