What’s new with the #newCacoo editor?

With our release of the #newCacoo, our Editor and Dashboard are much more intuitive. But many long-time users want to know exactly what to expect with this switch.

Here, we’ll dive a little deeper into our changes to the Cacoo Editor. In a separate post, we’ll discuss the Dashboard.

New comments feature

A favorite of the new Editor is the addition of our comments feature. With comments, you can have your whole team leave feedback right on your diagram sheets wherever they want.

New Cacoo Editor - Comments

Others can then reply, and the comment can be marked resolved once the discussion is complete. The comment will remain visible, but it will be marked with a checkmark.

If you want to view the diagram without comments, just hit the Hide icon in the lower-left.

Search for shapes

You probably noticed that the library of shapes and templates has been integrated into the surrounding toolbar, but, it’s also now searchable. With a few keywords, you can find the shapes you need without ever having to sift through another folder.

New Cacoo Editor - Search for shapes

Auto-save as you work

Your diagrams save as you work, so you don’t have to worry about losing changes when you log out.

However, we also have the History feature, so you still have the option to save specific versions you may want to revisit in the future, like changes made by a specific person or a single round of updates.

No more inspector

The inspector is now part of the surrounding toolbar. No more pop-up windows cluttering up your canvas.

Presentation mode

Presentation mode used to take place in the diagram viewer window (which we eliminated.) Now you can present diagrams right from the viewer. Just hit ‘Play’ in the lower-left hand are of your toolbar. Going full-screen is a breeze.

New Cacoo Editor - Presentation Mode

Sheets panel

You used to see your sheets labeled in tiny tabs at the bottom of your screen. Now, you’ll see previews of each of your sheets in the sheets panel on the right side of your toolbar. Here you can add, label, and rearrange them to your liking or delete what you don’t need. Your current sheet will always highlight in red.

New Cacoo Editor - Sheets

When working on diagrams simultaneously with other users, you’ll also be able to see who is working where on the sheets panel. Each person’s profile image displays on the sheet they’re currently viewing, and a number indicates how many people are on each sheet.

What else?

Obviously, the entire editor has a new look and feel. Icons are easier to see and clearly labeled. Plus the toolbar is spread around the canvas rather than simply sitting at the top. But you’ll notice the functionality is mostly the same. It’s the usability that has been greatly improved.

There are other small changes and additions you’ll find in the Editor, but these are some of the biggest changes we know users have been waiting for. And of course, as we create new features, we’ll keep updating you.

We’re excited to hear your feedback as you work in the new Cacoo. Let us know your thoughts by tagging #newCacoo or send us a message!

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