Introducing user provisioning with Nulab Pass

We’re thrilled to announce that user provisioning is now available with Nulab Pass to help optimize the way organizations manage their accounts.

Gone are the days of tedious account management tasks. With user provisioning, you can now effortlessly create, update, and delete managed accounts via your identity provider (IdP), making account management a breeze while bolstering your security measures.

What is user provisioning?

User provisioning simplifies the process of synchronizing user information between your IdP and Nulab applications like Backlog and Cacoo. Instead of juggling multiple accounts across various platforms, user provisioning centralizes account creation and management in one convenient location.

What are the benefits of user provisioning?

Before user provisioning, authentication was managed by the IdP using SAML, but account management was handled within Nulab. Now, with user provisioning, your IdP takes care of both authentication and account management, reducing the risk of data leaks and streamlining the account preparation process.

User provisioning is specifically designed for managed accounts, available to organizations with a Nulab Pass plan. Unlike non-managed Accounts, which are user-managed, Managed Accounts are under the control of organization admins and can be provisioned via SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management).

With User Provisioning, admins can:

  • Create a Managed Account
  • Update a Managed Account
  • Change the role of a Managed Account
  • Activate/deactivate a Managed Account
  • Delete a Managed Account

Please note that group synchronization is not supported at this time.

Which idPs are supported?

We currently support user provisioning with Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) and plan to support other IdPs in the future. Note that the Nulab Pass app in Entra ID’s app gallery only works with the final version of user provisioning and not the beta version.

Nulab account API

With the Nulab account API (SCIM API), you can:

  • Get users who belong to the organization
  • Create, update, and delete Managed Accounts

Get full details with our API documentation.

Need help setting up user provisioning? Find step-by-step instructions in the Nulab Help Center, or get in touch.

Ready to streamline your organization’s security and account management? Dive into user provisioning with Nulab Pass today and experience a whole new level of efficiency and peace of mind.

What is Nulab Pass?

Nulab Pass is the solution for elevating online security across your organization. Running seamlessly in the background, Nulab Pass offers a suite of powerful features, including SAML single sign-on and audit logs, empowering you to take charge of your cybersecurity effortlessly. With Nulab Pass, you can ensure that your team’s digital assets are protected without compromising productivity. Check it out here.

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