Sneak peek of new Typetalk lounge design

We are sharing a sneak peek of the new Typetalk lounge design that will be released at the end of July 2015. With these changes, you can expect a cleaner chat UI and smoother user experience.

typetalk lounge

Lounge Design Improvements

Global menu relocation

Firstly, the global menu elements will migrate to the left-hand sidebar panel below the Topics List icon. These elements include your Notifications, Messages, and Profile Settings.

You can now navigate more seamlessly between Topics and global functions.

typetalk sidebar

Sliding drawer sidebar

With our new “sliding drawer,” which uses the popular hamburger icon  ≡  to hide and show the sidebar panel, you can control the sidebar panel. Experience quicker navigation to important notifications, as well as a distraction-free experience.

Typetalk sliding drawer

Typetalk for Business

Aside from with the new lounge design, we plan to release Typetalk for Business, a new organization feature for teams and businesses. With this new feature, users can use topics more conveniently within their own team. Organization administrators can also manage topics in their organization more conveniently, thus increasing security and restricting access to your team discussions.

In addition, you can manage the same groups across Typetalk for Business and Cacoo for Business. We will publish another post with more details on Typetalk for Business in the future.


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