Receive email notifications for mentions when the app is closed

Email notifications

You can now receive email notifications for mentions when you do not have Typetalk open. The email will include the sender and content, as well as a reply link (see below).

unread mention - en

Edit Notification Settings

You can change your notification settings here.

Select one of two options:

  • [ ] Each mentioned comment while I’m offline (default)
  • [ ] Never

notifications - en

More Updates

Show specific pages for SlideShare/SpeakerDeck

You can share specific presentation slides. For SlideShare, add /{page number} to the url; for SpeakerDeck, add ?slide={page number} or #{page number} to the url.


Unicode in URL

You can open a web page even if a posted url includes unicode characters.
The url will be recognized until you input a space or new line.

Update message API

We published Update message API.

Click here for details.

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