Case study: How Petshopbox studio uses Backlog to manage simultaneous tasks

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Petshopbox Studio is a design studio that has been growing rapidly in Bandung, Indonesia. Graduating from Visual Communication Design and armed with their skills and knowledge in that department, CEO of Petshopbox Studio, Sissy, and co-founder, Kuswanto, decided to create their own design studio. At that time, Sissy and Kuswanto, who were avid pet lovers and owners chose “Petshopbox Studio” as their studio’s name.

The Petshopbox team. The Petshopbox team.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.00.16 PMPuss In Box, the prime icon for Petshpbox Studio


In early 2000, Petshopbox Studio debuted as Comic Production Studio or “Manga” studio. However, due to other commitments that the co-founders had, the studio ceased operations for almost 3 years. In 2005, Comic Production Studio was revived again under the name Petshopbox Studio and as a brand new studio that focuses on high quality design in response to changing trends and technology. They brought their design services to a wide variety of elements including branding, mobile apps design and development, web design, mobile game design and much more.

Petshopbox Studio’s Clients

Every startup knows how difficult it is to keep the business afloat and it is no different for the founders of Petshopbox Studio. With hard work and determination to have their passion and dreams live on, Sissy and Kuswanto have successfully made Petshopbox Studio a global company with established clients such as Google, Path, KakaoTalk, East Venture and Scoop.

Ollie_FrontPage_PetshopboxStudio-640x287Ollie, a cute squid character project for social media : Path.


Backlog, Project Management Tool for Petshopbox’s Simultaneous Works

With a small team at Petshopbox, the designers often have to handle multiple tasks. To tackle potential difficulties that may arise from having simultaneous tasks and to help her designers have a smoother work flow, CEO Sissy decided to employ the use of Backlog to manage the company’s projects.

“Simultaneous work requires a very smooth and clear communication flow between our teams. In order to make it work, we must find good tools or applications to manage our projects that also allows all the teams to know about the progress. We are so happy to know about Backlog because the application makes all tasks easier to manage. We will continue to have Backlog as our project management tool for Petshopbox studio” – Sissy, CEO of Petshopbox Studio



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