Thai H1 improved task-tracking by threefold with Backlog

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Industry: Search Engine Marketing

Location: Thailand

Employees: 8

Thai H1 Co., Ltd is a search engine marketing company that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Ads in Thailand. It was started in 2011 by Tatsuya Harato, a Japanese entrepreneur living in Thailand, to cater to both Japanese and Thai businesses in manufacturing, trading, health & beauty, accounting, and various other industries.

Managing Director Tatsuya HaratoTatsuya Harato, Managing Director and Founder of Thai H1 Co., Ltd.

Executive Summary

Previously, Thai H1 used Excel spreadsheets and emails to track tasks for customer projects but it was ineffective as work issues could easily get buried amongst the various communications taking place at once. With Backlog, each piece of work is clearly defined making it easier to manage and track each task and its associated follow-up for each project. They also have a more straightforward record of the work that has been completed and still needs to be done. Using Backlog has improved their task-tracking by at least 3 times compared to previous methods.


Thai H1 was managing its SEM projects for clients using Excel and email. However, customers were often failing to reply to emails which put a halt to progress and made remembering to follow up a challenge. This meant project progress was often slow and smaller details could easily get lost in the shuffle. Oversight by managers was also quite limited.

Thai H1 tried working with a few productivity and management tools but found them lacking. Their mentioning feature wasn’t targeted enough, or they were not scalable for tracking tasks when there are more than a few team members.

Thai H1 staff at work

How Backlog helped

Thai H1 had heard of Backlog from a few of their contacts and decided to give it a try. They found Backlog easy to use and quickly noticed a positive change in productivity and transparency.

Each employee was able to add and organize their work tasks with ease, and any other member of the team could access these details, searching by keyword or filtering by priority, status, and more.

“They can see how many tasks they have, and as a Manager, I can see who has which tasks, what are they doing, and what will be done next.” – Tatsuya Harato, Managing Director of Thai H1 Co., Ltd.

When a new task is assigned or updated with comments, relevant team members immediately receive email notifications and alerts in Backlog. Managers and other team members can check in on tasks whenever they want. The project page keeps everyone up-to-date on the project as a whole. And Managers can oversee each step as it moves forward. Backlog’s task-management features enabled them to keep track of work and stay on top of their project deadlines without worrying that important information was getting lost in email.

In addition, Thai H1’s sales and web development teams started using the Wiki feature to centralize essential project information, so it can be available to anyone working on the project the second they get started.

Thai H1 office


M.D. Tatsuya says their project tracking capabilities have improved by at least threefold.

“For improvement in task tracking, it’s 300% (3 times) or more.” – Tatsuya Harato, Managing Director of Thai H1 Co., Ltd.

On top of these benefits, he adds that Backlog has been useful for documenting customer discussions and feedback. Now when customers forget what was said in their previous discussions, the company can show them what’s recorded in Backlog to remind them.

“When customers ask us to explain what work we are doing or have done for them, we have the history in Backlog to show them. So, Backlog is essential for us.” – Tatsuya Harato, Managing Director of Thai H1 Co., Ltd.

Staff and family members of Thai H1.Staff and family members of Thai H1.

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