Efficient conversations for team collaborative teams

Team chat the whole team can get behind


Keep the right people in the loop

Never miss out on an important conversation because it got lost in the shuffle.


Conversations are organized into targeted topics.


Notify a specific team member or all topic members.

Direct messages

Chat privately with direct messages.


Reply to link messages and keep replies in context.


Tag selected messages to easily retrieve them later.

Third-Party cards

See YouTube and Twitter links as interactive cards.


Choose how you chat

Get messages and stay connected how and when you want.

Notification center

Customize your notifications for desktop, in-app, push, and badges.

Do not disturb

Unplug from notifications when you’re busy or on vacation.

Topic groups

Keep topics grouped by subject, team, product, and more.

Pinned Topics

Keep your most important topics front and center.

Light/Dark theme

Rest your weary eyes with our available Dark Theme.

Open API/Webhook

Build your own integrations and bots for custom alerts.


Access important information forever

It’s easy to find messages, images, and threads when they’re all in one place.

Archive topics

Chat information is never lost and can be unarchived.

File sharing

Drag and drop files and images right into your messages.


Locate messages by keywords, sender, date, and more.

Team management

Manage your team’s access

Easily add, remove, restrict, or grant access to your team.

Secure team access

Administrators can set and manage team access privileges.


Invite users from outside your organization as Guests.

Two-step authentication

Keep your internal data safely where it belongs.

Access log (Add-on)

Meet compliance requirements for the highest security.


Use teams for easier onboarding and management.

Login history

Track the apps you have accessed along with your login locations.

Make conversations
easy and retrievable

Team chat for better online communication

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