Introducing Nulaber Lillian Lu, Community Manager

Lillian Lu is our Community Manager in Taiwan. She has worked remotely for Nulab for nearly 3 years and is a wonderful asset to the team. Get to know Lillian in this candid interview!

11_meitu_1 2Lillian Lu, Community Manager at Nulab.


Lillian Lu: 

Community Manager and Business Development for Taiwan market.

Can you describe your role at Nulab?

I oversee community management and business development in Taiwan. In addition to these core responsibilities, I also handle customer care. I work remotely from my home in Taoyuan City, an hour outside Taiwan’s capital Taipei.

My day starts with logging on to Typetalk, a real-time messaging system that empowers team communication. I review messages and emails from my coworkers who are spread across 6 cities and 3 countries. Then, I head over to the social media networks to see what’s trending in the Taiwanese startup community. Research and planning for upcoming events takes up a good chunk of my afternoon. I am constantly analyzing customer behavior and asking the question: What do our customers want from us? I find answers by engaging with users directly online and use analytical tools such as Intercom, Mixpanel and Google Analytics. I share my findings with the headquarter office in Japan in order to brainstorm potential product updates. I hope to attend more industry events this year to gain insights about competitors, network with other professionals and find the next big thing in team communication.

You work remotely from home. What do you like the most and what do you like the least?

 I like not having to put on make up every morning! In all seriousness, working form home offers much freedom and flexibility. Not having to commute to an office allows me to start working immediately in the morning. I always feel refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge.

Being apart of a global team can be challenging due to time differences. Taiwan is an hour behind Japan and 13 hours ahead of the New York. Communication through Typetalk is essential to maintain our close-knit, collaborative spirit.

What is the startup community like in Taiwan?

It’s quite lively and active! New startups are created every day and tech meetups are held regularly. I’m thrilled that talented, local entrepreneurs and developers are reaching overseas markets. I am also proud to boast that Nulab has personally helped a number of startups break into the Japanese market.

for Nulaber Mixer #2 how to build a good team workshop 2“Nulaber Mixer #2” in Taipei in 2015. This workshop was about how to build a good team.

In your opinion, what type of personality traits work best at Nulab?

A positive attitude and an open mind. If you’re ready to learn and step outside your comfort zone, Nulab is definitely the place for you to grow! Everyone has been very open with me and gives constructive feedback. It’s a nurturing environment where your ideas and feelings always seem to be heard. Last year, I decided to strengthen the bond between Taiwanese and Japanese startups through a meetup. I invited our CEO, Masa, along with his partners and developers to attend. The event turned out to be a huge success and I’m excited to plan the next one! That’s the way things work at Nulab when you have a good idea, everyone encourages and supports you. I couldn’t ask for a better team.

in 2015 DEC for Cacooup wireframe workshop“CacooUp wireframe workshop” in Taipei in 2015 with Fukuoka web design company D-Zero. Our CEO, Masa in the middle of the front.

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