Cacoo championed as an emerging favorite product by Capterra

With 2023 getting started, Nulab’s goals couldn’t be clearer as we consider all we accomplished in 2022. Achieving accolades as a top idea management and diagram software in Gartner Q1 reports and receiving recognition from Software Advice, among other accomplishments, we have much to be grateful for. This track continues with our latest celebration from the Capterra Shortlist.

The 2022 Capterra Shortlist ranks Cacoo as a top contender among idea management software. Capterra rated Cacoo with a score of 49/50 points and as an Emerging Favorite among products thanks to features that enable real-time collaboration, easy sharing, and powerful app integrations.

Idea management software aims to simplify any team’s job, and Cacoo is here to help. It encourages brainstorming, captures every idea (good or bad!), and ensures no voice goes unheard. It captures innovation in a single space.

Cacoo brings complex ideas to life with various flowcharts and templates, allowing collaboration and communication to flourish smoothly. It’s fun and easy, allowing each team member to work independently and in tandem while executing ideas and prioritizing organization.

Perfect for teams, students, teachers, or freelancers, Capterra celebrates Cacoo, our diagramming tool, and ranks it high in customer satisfaction.

This category champions what Cacoo accomplishes – the ability to create better things, together. Whether you’re brainstorming with your team in a shared office or across the globe, Cacoo offers flowcharts, mind maps, and journey maps, among other diagrams, allowing teams and companies to look steps ahead.

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