Cacoo named one of the best flowchart and wireframe software tools by and Capterra

As 2021 draws to a close, all of us at Nulab are thankful to be ending the year on a celebratory note. We are pleased to announce that Cacoo has been named the Best Overall Flowchart Software of 2021 on And our exciting news doesn’t end there. We are also recognized by Capterra as one of the best tools for wireframe diagramming. recommends Cacoo for creating flowcharts is a leading online review website that researches the best tools to help small businesses grow faster and operate more efficiently. The company assessed features such as user experience, template and shape libraries, integration capability, and reporting tools., which independently reviews and compares products and services, chose Cacoo as the Best Overall Flowchart Software after a 40-hour analysis of more than 30 solutions.

The Nulab team is proud that both and our customers have discovered the benefits of using Cacoo. Flowcharts are one of the most popular ways to visualize and streamline a business process. They’re simple and straightforward, so almost anyone can understand the information in a flowchart without a lot of context or expertise. Our goal with Cacoo has always been to make flowchart creation something anyone can do with a few clicks.

For teams, the ability to work together on one flowchart is a time-saver. If you need input from several team members, you can have a meeting right from the platform and implement feedback in real-time. When it’s done, simply export the finished product or present the diagram directly from Cacoo.

Cacoo’s collection of templates also makes it easy to input and edit data or import custom elements. If you’re eager to get started or need diagrams for a time-sensitive project, you can add text and build on extra shapes to create a workable design in minutes. particularly praised Cacoo for its user-friendly interface and the ability to import charts and graphics from a wide range of industry-relevant software.

Cacoo earns a high approval rating from Capterra

This fall, Capterra also included Cacoo on its list of the best wireframe tools to streamline the web design process. Capterra is a trusted software review platform that provides product recommendations based on vetted user feedback. We owe our gratitude to the loyal users and independent reviewers who helped Cacoo earn an outstanding 4.7 out of 5 rating.

Here at Nulab, we envision Cacoo as both a powerful template tool for individual creators and a collaborative platform for teams that want to diagram every stage of website development. We offer templates for desktop and mobile websites, so customers can tweak a standard wireframe for Android and iOS without any hassle.

Learning that users appreciate Cacoo’s ease of functionality and team-oriented tools is exactly what we love to hear. Not only are users able to co-edit diagrams in real-time, but they can also track changes to compare different versions of the design. Throughout a project, teammates have the option to use comments, in-app chat, and video chat for timely communication.

As we dive into 2022, we plan to keep improving our software to help you produce high-quality creative assets and simplify your workflows. Once again, we want to thank our customers for their invaluable feedback — the perfect blueprint for delivering a wonderful user experience.


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