Introducing the Nulab Community!

Two years ago, we launched the Backlog Community for our project and code management tool, Backlog. In this community, users from around the world gathered online to ask questions and learn from each other.

Today, we’re launching the new Nulab Community to bring all of our users — from Cacoo, Typetalk, Backlog, and Nulab Pass — together!

In other words, all Nulab users can now meet and interact with other professionals and experts to take their collaboration further. We can all learn how to work better, together.

Bringing it all together

Where there’s diversity, there’s a beautiful cross-pollination of ideas. Moreover, we believe that the fruits of diversity are best harvested with teamwork. We want to connect our users to improve collaboration around the world.

The previous year was a grim reminder that no person is an island, and we are far greater when we stand together. The Nulab Community is a place for Nulab users everywhere to learn and share.

What to expect

We’ll share the latest Nulab news and product updates to help you stay informed. Further, you’ll get to join in various events, online meetups, and workshops to gain new proficiencies, meet other users, and get the most out of Nulab products.

Our forum has different categories and topics to help you quickly find what you need and discover new interests.

Forum categories in the Nulab CommunityDiscover different categories within our Nulab Community forum.

For example, facing a challenge at work? Chat with the community for advice, learn about product best practices, or share tips and resources to help other Nulab users.

Make full use of the new forum features like topic voting, likes, bookmarks, and have fun collecting various forum badges for community cred!

How to join the Nulab Community

Simply log in with your Nulab account, or sign up with a Nulab product for an account.

We look forward to having insightful discussions with you, learning from each other, and building a positive community together.

Connect and exchange ideas with Nulab users from all over the world. Visit the Nulab Community today!

Gain skills, learn strategies, move projects forward

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