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nulab developers

With the unveiling of Backlog API version 2, our new website for developers, Nulab Developers, is now launched.

Like us, some of our users are engaged in software development and are heavily using Nulab APIs to enhance work efficiency or to integrate Nulab services with others by developing their own programs. One of our clients has also used the Backlog API to develop an application which is now sold on the iTunes Store.

With this increasingly important role of API in our services, coupling the fact that we are also a software development company, we were motivated to build a convenient platform for developers to access our APIs and all other necessary information. Nulab Developers is thus created to provide an accessible and well-designed portal that will allow developers to spend less time searching for information and have more time to develop code. 

On this launch, you will be able to find API documentation for all our three services as well as a search functionality that will help you look for all the information you need. We have also given all our APIs a uniform interface which will make it smoother for you to integrate two or more of our APIs if you wish to do so. 

Right now, we are already planning improvements to make Nulab Developers a more comprehensive information portal for developers. In the very near future, we also plan to provide:

  • A getting started guide
  • News and information for developer events
  • A showcase of applications that use Nulab APIs
  • A discussion forum

If you wish to be informed of our updates as soon as they are available, follow @nulabinc on Twitter!

Developers, let’s play!  


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