Masa and Lillian explore the Taiwan tech scene

What a week! Last week, our CEO Mr. Hashimoto Masanori (whom I shall refer to as Masa) and I attended many events while exploring the Taiwan tech scene. Let me fill you in on our crazy packed schedule!

May 15-16 – Modern Web

We were proud to be part of one of Taiwan’s biggest technical events of the year! Modern Web is a 2-day event that gathers around 800 attendees (mostly front-end developers and designers). Two of the keynote speakers were the fathers of Javascript and PHP, Brendan Eich and Rasmus Lerdorf!

Modernweb_boothLucky to have these 2 young entrepreneurs, Derrick and Amy, helping out at our event booth!

modernweb_cacooWe happily greeted our dearest Cacoo users by giving out limited edition Cacoo t-shirts at our booth!

On Day 2 of Modern Web, Masa flew in from Korea after attending beGLOBAL SEOUL 2015. He spoke at the afternoon session on the topic, “The problem was solved by design.” He shared about how our project management tool Backlog has improved its design to gain more trust from existing users and attract new ones.

Want to know our secrets to success? Check out our presentation slides from Modern Web. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below.

May 17 – TechNode Taiwan Demo Day 

TechNode manages TechCrunch China. This was the first time TechNode held an event in Taiwan, and Nulab helped out as a strategic partner for this event.

technode_davidOur CEO Masa was honored to be a panel judge for the demo pitch. There were 10 international teams participating, include teams from New Zealand and Brazil. Even though it was a Sunday afternoon, we had many enthusiastic attendees! It was a tough choosing the winner since every team was impressive. Plus, the winner gets to go to TechCrunch Shanghai!

After a long discussion, we had a winner: Syngency, a management system for talent agencies! Want to know more about the teams? Read “10 Startups From Technode Taiwan Demo Day.”


Shoutout to David from iiiNNO for being a great MC! iiiNNO puts a lot of effort into providing support for startups prior to incubation. Many startup teams have benefited from the events and programs they have held.

After the event, we all went out for dinner and ended up forming a Startup Idol group named “Startup Rock Kids.” Our goal is to improve the current Taiwan startup ecosystem.  

rockkidsWe’re the Startup Rock Kids! Buy our album at your nearest 7-11 in the coming future. 😛


May 19 – Nulab Startup Mixer #1

Finally, the day for our first Nulab Startup Mixer has arrived! Let me introduce you to the team from Japan!

Mr. Sadayoshi from Fusic Inc. looks young, but he started his business 12 years ago while he was still a student. He now has a team of 30 people, include 2 non-Japanese staff. His company provides system integration and consulting for clients, it also offers an evaluation system called 360 Degree Evaluation. He is also thinking of expanding to Taiwan, so he came to find any opportunities and to get to know more about Taiwan’s startup environment. 

Later in the afternoon, we also met up with Sam from VMFive. He won last year’s TechCrunch Beijing and this year’s Slush Asia. VMFive is a very young team, being just 1 year old, but it already has 30 employees and won several startup competitions. It’s considered to be the startup to keep an eye on in Taiwan at the moment. Sam is an experienced entrepreneur with a knowledgeable technical background. His team developed a Virtual machine concept for an gaming trial platform. Users can try out games on VMFive’s platform before purchasing.

VM5_samMasa, Mr. Sadayoshi and Sam talked about the Cloud and Big data technology in Japan.


As Masa, Mr. Sadayoshi and I rushed to Fabcafe for our first Nulab Startup Mixer, we were pleasantly surprise to see that there were already 3 attendees waiting for us! 

The mixer was an exciting, unique experience where we people talking in English, Japanese and Chinese all in the same place. We kicked it off by having the Japanese teams share their experiences and talk about their services, followed by the Taiwanese teams. The mixer became a massive networking session. Even the venue owner came over and talked with out attendees!

The event was supposed to finish at 9:30PM, but no one wanted to leave. To us, this was a good sign; we successfully created an event where people from different backgrounds could share information and experiences, create ideas and find opportunities.


Masa and I also learned a lot from this meet up and received a lot of positive feedback. Don’t worry, friends! We will have another meet up very soon. If you are a Japanese or Taiwanese startup team who wants to participate in our next event, please contact us. (Remember to like our Facebook page first!)



Did you think that was it for our Taiwan adventure? Nope, not even close. Keep on reading!


May 20 – Mobile Hero

Mobile Hero (百人Pitch) is an event held by Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau. Nulab joined to help early-stage startups. We organized this closed meet up with mobile heroes to exchange ideas and give advice to help them become better teams and provide better services.  


mobilehero_kayTriskel sharing how their belt could help posture


We also got the chance to meet more startups in Taiwan’s famous co-working space, Appworks, including WritePath, who came to our Fukuoka office back in last month.


We had a meet up with Yani from III who are going to throw the most interesting and big startup event in July called IDEAS Show. If you are interested in expanding your services to Taiwan, you have to check out this event. We also attended Meet Startup event again, which was as fabulous as always.

Overall, it was a great week for us. Even though we were very busy, we met new people and found good friends! If you missed out on our event or couldn’t meet with us this time, don’t worry! Masa will join us again in the summer. Stay tuned for more!

We are Startup Rock kids! Peace out!

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