DevOps x Halloween meetup: CI/CD tools and practices

Nulab Drinking Code meetup - DevOps x Halloween

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Hooo… The ghosts of software failures are howling. Who you gonna call?! Ghostbusters DevOps!

What is DevOps? A combination of practices and automation tools to bring together development and operations (two areas in the IT industry that were traditionally handled by isolated teams), and increase our ability to deliver products – better, faster.

So, in October, our Nulab Drinking Code meetup featured the theme of DevOps x Halloween and we invited three speakers, industry professionals in the DevOps movement, to share their experience and insights.

Drinking Code meetup: DevOps x Halloween speakers

The speakers were:

  • Timothy Soh, DevOps engineer at Horangi
  • Adrian Lee, Cloud Solutions Engineer at Oracle
  • Clemens Perz, DevOps Manager/Cloud Architect

Almost a custom by now, our event began with pizza and drinks, and attendees had the opportunity to chat and get to know one another. The atmosphere was relaxing and amidst the chatter, we almost forgot the time for our talks. 😂

Meetup attendees enjoying  food and chatting


#Talk 1: CI/CD in practice at Horangi — by Timothy SohTimothy Soh giving his talk on CI/CD at Horangi

Timothy is a DevOps engineer at cybersecurity startup, Horangi. He shared about their DevOps practices, process and CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) tools. He also talked about the decision factors that led them to adopt AWS CodeBuild for their needs. Check out his talk below:


#Talk 2: Devops: Tools vs Culture — by Adrian LeeDevops: Tools vs Culture - by Adrian Lee

Adrian is a solutions engineer (cloud platforms and infrastructure) at Oracle. He’s done DevOps for several clients and he shared about the industry trend towards microservice architecture. Using a microservice weather application that calls a weather API and integrates with Google maps, he gave a demo on Wercker, Docker and Kubernetes for continuous integration and deployment.


#Talk 3: Devops: Why even bother? — by Clemens Perz"Devops: Why even bother?" by Clemens Perz

With experience in web development in the 90s, Clemens gave a runthrough of how web applications and technologies became increasingly complex over the years. And with complexity came the need for DevOps. But he suggests a failure point in the future – of too much complexity – and proposes a solution. Check it out:


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See you at our next Nulab #DrinkingCode meetup. Cheers!

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