Nulab participates in Barcamp Saigon 2014 as mini sponsor

Barcamp Saigon is an annual event that started in 2008. This is a user-generated technology event where participants come to share their ideas. Unlike a traditional conference, every participant is also a presenter, and presenters have as much power over the direction of  the discussions as participants.

This is an innovative event that focuses around web and mobile fields, structured in a manner that captures the spirit of today’s collaborative technologies. Nulab is delighted to have participated in this event as a mini sponsor.


This year, the event was organized on Sunday 14 December at Hoa Sen University in Ho Chi Minh City. It started at 8AM and attracted a large crowd of attendees. Most of them are students, IT workers and young people who are interested in technology trends.


The most interesting part of this event is that each attendee gets 3 voting stickers to vote for the topics that they think are most useful and interesting to them. There are nearly 60 different topics and the organizer only picked the highest voted topics to be presented due to time and space constraints.


The topics submitted revolve largely around technology solutions, the startup business and the sharing of experiences and inspiration for brainstorming. 


 This year, the main content was centered on trend highlights such as startups, Bitcoin, databases, social network, mobile, cloud computing and startup management methods. 

The conference was fun, open and valuable. It helped young people gain more technological knowledge, improve their entrepreneurial understanding and widen their business perspectives. 

Nulab wishes Barcamp Saigon continuous success every year!



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