Nulab launches NuSpace in Singapore

It has been our vision to bring together the tech community wherever we go. From Meetups to talks to events, Nulab is always looking for ways to inspire collaboration. Our latest effort takes us to Singapore where we are opening a one-of-a-kind training, support, and event space called the NuSpace.

Introducing NuSpace

NuSpace aims to serve the best of the Nulab tech community in and around Singapore and Asia. We will offer hosted events covering a variety of tech topics ranging from computer science and software engineering to user interfaces and programming. We will also bring in live speakers from successful startups to discuss business-related subjects specific to startups in Singapore and Asia.

In fact, we already have our first event lined up on April 25th: Drinking Code Singapore Meetup. Our Drinking Code Meetup, which originated in New York, aims to help developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts alike dive deeper into the various programming languages and coding concepts Nulab developers use to create their apps. And of course, as the name implies, drinks are an integral part of each get-together.

In addition to events and talks, Nulab employees will hold regular training seminars for users of our three collaborative apps: Backlog, our project management app; Cacoo, our diagramming app; and Typetalk, our team chat app. Our amazing support staff will also use the space as a full-time support center serving local users across all three apps.

When not being used for an event or training seminar, the NuSpace is open to all members to work, collaborate, and engage with our team of Nulab experts. Our hope is to provide a hub for Nulab users from all over Singapore and Asia to come together and create a diverse, engaged, and fun tech community.

Best of all, while the space is only open to members, membership is completely free

If you or your fellow Nulab users are traveling to Singapore in the near future, feel free to join as a member and stop by for some tech-related training, support, and most importantly, fun.

You can learn more about the NuSpace here, and follow the NuSpace on Twitter & Facebook.

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