TechDay: The good, the bad, and the ugly

NY TechDay may have been on April 21st for most, but for us, it was months in the making. From ordering promotional gifts to developing a signup web page to fretting about the wifi, we had our hands full. We wanted to make a bigger impact on TechDay than we did last year and with over 220 new newsletter subscribers, 100 new followers across our social networks, dozens of Twitter mentions and approximately 400 pieces of Nulab-branded merchandise floating aroundwe succeeded. TechDay was one of our best marketing tactics thus far, see how we pulled it off.

Nulab NY TechDayThe Nulab Ninjas in action on TechDay! Photo: Kasumi Abe

Our Booth

We went to the venue the day before the event to set up. Our booth was located in the B2B section at the tail-end of TechDay, right next to the demo stage. After folding 300 t-shirts, our arms were weak, but our spirits were strong. We were ready to take on TechDay!

Nulab NY TechDayFolding what seemed to be an endless supply of t-shirts.

The most noticeable object at our booth was a towering 8-foot backdrop banner that creatively illustrated our company and services. If our backdrop didn’t catch your attention, our bright table cloth in our signature lime green would. We had two monitors for product demos and a looping video about Cacoo. Our mini brochures provided a snapshot of Nulab including our services, social accounts, office locations and career opportunities. Stickers in a variety of fun colors and special Cacoo discount cards lined the front our table. The finishing touch: two swimming pools of Umaibo, which we affectionately described as “a big Japanese Cheeto.”

Our booth was equipped with tons of Nulab Swag!Our booth was equipped with tons of Nulab Swag!

Us Nulabers were outfitted in our Simon Oxley designed t-shirts. Eco-friendly totes brandishing our “Fun. Creative. Collaboration.” motto draped our arms and iPad minis were in our hands. Nulab CMO, Shinsuke Tabata, enthusiastically donned a bright green “Nulab is hiring!” sign to advertise our job openings. Last, but not least, we all put on a big, welcoming smile.

Everyone had an iPad in hand for newsletter sign ups.Everyone had an iPad in hand for newsletter sign ups.

Our Mission

Brand exposure, newsletter sign ups, Twitter mentions, social media followers and giveaway as much Nulab Swag as we could was our mission for TechDay. We developed a special web page for quick and easy sign up to our newsletter. An email address and one tap of “Gimme tote” was all patrons needed to do to receive a fabulous Nulab tote. Increasing our online presence was also a priority. We invited users to tweet us @nulabinc and use our hashtag #NuSwag to get their hands on our designer tee. Following/Liking us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram got you a Umaibo. We were able get the word out about Nulab and the awesome products we’re crafting at the largest startup event in the US—folding all those t-shirts was totally worth it.

Our 60 Second Pitch

Our focus was on promoting Nulab as the genius company behind Cacoo, Backlog and Typetalk. Everyone had their own unique spin on pitching Nulab, but it basically came down to us being an agile software company that developed three unique tools for team collaboration. Concise, simple and straight to the point. Giving a rundown for our products was a little more involved. We wanted to give visitors a clear understanding about how they could use our services but also wanted to keep our spiel brief. We narrowed it down to the following short phrases:

  • Cacoo: tool for sketching and mockups including wireframing, flowcharts, diagramming, etc.
  • Backlog: project management software with version control and timelines
  • Typetalk: instant messaging system for the entire team

We introduced Nulab to hundreds of techies! We introduced Nulab to hundreds of techies!

Our Foot Traffic

Hundreds of people came to our booth and we enjoyed interacting with each one of them! Most of our TechDay techies fit into one of the following categories:

Business Folks

These were individuals interested in learning about new technologies for their growing companies. From CEOs to product managers to lead developers, they came searching for solutions to their business needs. Many visitors shared with us how their teams were using multiple, unrelated platforms to communicate and that keeping track of projects was difficult. We were able to explain that migrating their team to our services would allow for a seamless communication experience.

Our booth brings all the patrons to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than yours.Our booth brings all the patrons to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than yours.


We had many students drop by our booth; they were drawn to our fun, lively style—as opposed to some of the other booths that were a little more austere. Many students inquired about internships. The boom in STEM programs have made internships at tech companies in high demand. Although we are still building our core NY team, we are considering hiring interns for the future.

We also had a group of high school students from the Bronx school we demoed at last year. The BASE pupils were eager to share with us how 10th graders at their school use Cacoo often for diagramming and group assignments.

Cacoo Users

We were thrilled to meet Cacoo users and hear things such as: “I know Cacoo! I use it all the time!” They shared with us how Cacoo was a great asset for projects, from wireframing to mind mapping. We invited them to participate in our new round of user interviews. If you’re interested in sharing your Cacoo experience, please contact Participants will have the chance to win FREE prizes! Check out our previous user interviews here.   

Job Seekers

TechDay gathers the best, growing startups from NYC and beyond—making it the perfect place to look for a job. The majority of job seekers that approached us had UX design, analytical or developer backgrounds. We were eager to hear about their professional experience and collected a stack of resumes to review. Visit our career page for a full list of openings.

Nulab NY TechDayNulab took on TechDay and won!

The conclusion of TechDay was bittersweet; we were sad that the fun had to come to an end but happy to get some rest after 8 hours of non-stop meeting and greeting booth visitors. We had a blast at TechDay, and not even the spotty wifi could damper our spirits. We’re definitely ready to take it on again next year!

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