Design your workflow with new custom status feature

You asked; we listened: One of the most popular feature requests we’ve been receiving in the past few months is for custom statuses in Backlog. Our team got to work, and today we’re excited to release the brand new custom status feature. Now, you and your team can make your project workflows work for you.

*Custom statuses are available on all paid cloud accounts.

Custom status, custom workflow

You’re probably well versed in the existing issue statuses available in Backlog: Open, In Progress, Resolved, and Closed. While these work broadly for a variety of projects and teams, the interworkings of our day-to-day tasks are often more complex. Now, you can capture these nuances by adding in your own unique statuses.

How to create a custom status

*Only Admins and Project Admins can add and edit custom statuses.

  • Head to your “Project Settings” and select “Status” from the left-hand menu.Add custom status
  • Click the “Add Status” button, enter a name for your status, and select a color.Custom status
  • Save it, and your new custom status will appear in the status list.

Custom Statuses for different workflows

Excited to try it but not sure where to start? We have some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Development teams may want to add statuses for:

  • In development
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • In Review
  • Deployed/Released

Marketing teams often need statuses like:

  • Planning
  • In progress
  • In review
  • Pending changes
  • Waiting approval
  • A/B Testing

Content/writing teams frequently use:

  • Drafting/In Draft
  • Editing
  • Waiting Approval
  • Published

Design teams may enjoy:

  • Drafting
  • In design
  • Waiting approval
  • Pending changes
  • Approved

HR/Operations might find these helpful:

  • Received invoice
  • Pending payment
  • Paid
  • In progress
  • Interviewing
  • Sent offer
  • Hired

Projects come in all shapes and sizes and workflows must adapt to fulfill their needs. Now your workflow can take whatever form you like with custom statuses in Backlog.

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