Power up your projects with Backlog’s new Boards feature!

We aim to simplify and visualize the project management process wherever possible. And when it comes to simple yet powerful visualization tools for managing your workflow, it’s hard to beat a Kanban board.

While the Kanban system is beloved for its ease of use and adoption, it’s also quite powerful. It helps visualize teamwork, standardize workflows, and make blockers easy to identify and resolve.

As one of our most requested features ever, we’re extra excited to announce this release: Backlog is proud to release Boards!

Want to know more about Kanban methodology? Check out our blog Your Introduction to Kanban.

Boards in Backlog

Using Boards in Backlog, you can visualize any workflow in your organization. Each project has its own Kanban board, so it’s easy to view:

  • Dev tasks move through each development stage to release
  • Marketing initiatives move from strategy to planning to review
  • Design assets move through the creation process
  • Leads move through your sales funnel
  • Bugs move through resolution stages
  • Candidates move through recruiting stages

By default, Boards in Backlog are organized by issue status. If your project is using the default statuses, that means Open, In Progress, Resolved, and Closed. But if you’ve implemented custom statuses in your workflow, they will be reflected accordingly on your project’s Board.

You can filter your Board to what’s useful to you, say by issue type, category, milestone, or assignee. For example, if you only want to see your own tasks in a specific project, you can select yourself under the assignee and all of your assigned tasks in that project will populate the Board.

Filter your Backlog Board by issue type, category, milestone, or assignee.

You can also drag and drop issues on the Board to move them from one section to another to quickly update an issue’s status.

Drag and drop issues on your Backlog Board

Lastly, you can add new issues to any project right from a Board.

Add an issue right from your Backlog Board

To access your project’s Board, just click on any project and then select “Board” from the left-hand sidebar (just below the Gantt chart option.)

Try it out for yourself!

With the introduction of Boards for Backlog, we hope to provide your teams with a higher level of visibility into their work. Now your team can focus on active work, track progress visually in real-time, and quickly spot bottlenecks or lapses in work. It’s hard to argue with benefits like that!

Now it’s time to see these benefits in action: log in to Backlog, and give it a try!

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