New Activity panel for viewing changes to diagrams

So you just received a bunch of email and chat notifications about changes to an important diagram in Cacoo, but once you open the diagram, you struggle to figure out what’s changed! We have the perfect solution: Cacoo has added an Activity panel to the Editor where you can see those changes logged, including who did them and when.

The new Activity panel

When viewing a diagram within the Editor, the Activity panel will let you scroll through all diagram changes such as new, edited, or deleted shapes, lines, and charts. Just select an activity item, and the Editor will highlight the changes on the diagram.

How it works

In the activity panel, the activity log will be breakdown by the date, time, and users who made the changes or updates.

To access the Activity panel, in the diagram:

  1. Go to the properties bar located at the bottom-right of the diagram.
  2. Select the Activity icon.
  3. The Activity Panel will show all of the activity logs. Select the activity log and it will navigate and highlight the changes.


Activity Panel in Cacoo


  • The activity panel will only reflect a summary of the changes.
  • Deleted shapes or items cannot be viewed or retrieved from the activity log.
  • It does not capture the activity for adding or deleting a sheet in the diagram.
  • The activity log has limited up to 50 entries per diagram for Free plan users and 200 entries per diagram for Pro / Team plan (paid plan) users. When the diagram activity log has exceeded the maximum number of the logs within the plan, the older logs will be removed with the FIFO (first in first out) order.

It’s easy to see changes

See what other members have edited, so next time you receive a notification through email, on your dashboard, or via a chat integration, you can see exactly what’s changed.

Collaboration is easy is Cacoo. With the new Activity panel, real-time collaborative editing, comments & mentions, revision history, and more, it’s easy to create, revise, present, and implement your diagrams.

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