Turn data into actionable insights

Charts are the simplest way to give your data a more visual representation and come to a shared understanding of how all the information fits together. What if your charts could be beautiful, clear, explanatory, and simple to make?

You can use charts to keep track of your spending. Or, to schedule a trip. Or, to evaluate your team’s productivity. The possibilities are endless… From handling day-to-day errands to managing your workload, charts make it quick and convenient to present dry info in a way that’s interesting and accessible to all of us.

Have you ever wondered what your money is being spent on every single month?

Household monthly expenses chart

What if you just want to reward yourself for keeping your calorie intake under control and show your dietician all your hard work? You can do that with a chart, too.

fitness tracker bar chart

The Cacoo chart user interface gets an upgrade

Now, in Cacoo, you can use the chart feature more easily to generate the visuals you need to express your thoughts.

We all know data is important, but the way you represent it matters as well. You would never put a cluttered spreadsheet in a business presentation and have everyone scrutinize each cell to find the right data. With a chart, you can show others exactly what you want them to see and get your point across in minutes. After all, who’s going to challenge a beautifully designed chart? 😉

Long story short, charts are easy to create and use and a great tool for presenting your ideas to whomever you want to persuade with data. Why not give them a try? In Cacoo, charts are now easier to use than ever.

Just click on the chart icon:

Create a chart in Cacoo illustration 1

Select the chart type you want to use:

Choose chart type in Cacoo illustration 2

Insert your data:

Insert data into Cacoo chart illustration 3

And Voila!

New chart types are coming soon!

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