Administrators can manage member activation right in Typetalk

To help you have greater control over who in your organization has access to Typetalk, we’ve introduced a new function for activating and deactivating members. And your organization’s Administrators can access it right in Typetalk.

If your organization is using other services from Nulab — i.e., Backlog or Cacoo — this makes it easier to control which members can or cannot access Typetalk. This also helps your team avoid unintentional billing caused by accidentally adding too many members to Typetalk.

How to activate/deactivate Typetalk members

In Typetalk, click on the Settings icon at the bottom of your left-hand menu. Under the Manage Organization section, click on “Members”. Locate the member you would like to manage and use the Active toggle to either activate/deactivate their account access.

Note: If a team is invited to a Typetalk topic but not all team members are active, those deactivated team members will not be able to access the topic. You must ensure that each team member’s account is active.

Defaults when inviting

If you invite a new member directly from Typetalk, that member will automatically be set to active.

However, if you invite a member to your organization using your Nulab Account, that member will automatically be set to inactive. You will need to enable them in Typetalk afterward. That way, you don’t unintentionally activate unwanted members who then take up a valuable spot in your plan.

How to automatically activate new members

If you’re only using Typetalk and no other Nulab services, you would likely prefer to have all new members automatically activated. To do so, simply use the toggle next to the “Enable users when inviting organizations” setting on the Members page.

Request access from your administrators

Deactivated members can request access from your Admins. As long as they are a member of the organization, they will see the following error page where they can quickly submit the request.

Can not access Typetalk

Administrators will receive the activation request via email. Then they can go to the Typetalk member page and activate the appropriate member. Once activated, the member who submitted the request will receive an email notifying them that it has been activated.


Only active members count towards billing on Typetalk. To check your number of active members, just go to your Members page in Typetalk.

What happens when you deactivate a member?

If you deactivate a member that was previously active, messages from that member will remain in their respective topics. However, direct messages will no longer be accessible, and the member will no longer appear in the direct message list.

If you reactive the member, they will automatically regain access to all previously invited topics and reappear in the direct message list.

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