Now delete unwanted bot messages in Typetalk

Our latest Typetalk release includes:

  • the ability to delete Bot messages,
  • spellcheck support for the desktop app,
  • improved readability on the web app,
  • plus, bug fixes and performance improvement.

Read on for details.

Deleting Bot messages

We fixed an important limitation to using Bots in Typetalk: you can now delete Bot messages when using the web app.

Setting up a Bot can be tricky. Whether you’re using one to start a fresh Typetalk Topic or adding a Bot to an existing Topic, let’s be honest—those test messages can be annoying.

As the Bot runs, it may occasionally post inappropriate or irrelevant messages depending on where you’re pulling data from. Before you just had to overlook these messages or someone on your team had to send an additional message telling all Topic members to ignore the message.

Now, anyone—other than Guest users—can delete those unwanted Bot messages with ease.

Spellcheck in Typetalk’s desktop app

No one likes sending an important Typetalk message out to their whole team, only to be corrected for including too many “C’s” in the word ‘unnecessary.’ Spellcheck is now available on the desktop app for English.

When a word is spelled incorrectly, you’ll see it underlined with a red dotted line.

Spellcheck screenshot 1

To correct the misspelled word, just right-click or CTRL-click the word and select the correct spelling from the window of options.

Spellcheck screenshot 2

The misspelled word will then correct to your selection.

Spellcheck screenshot 3

Better text readability on the Typetalk web app

We updated the font style and color in Typetalk’s web app to improve readability.





Other Updates

We have a few more updates to share:

  • You can now drop images from directly into the Typetalk desktop app,
  • Tray icons are now supported when using the desktop app for MacOS’ Dark Theme,
  • Plus, there are a few bug fixes and performance improvements, including rectifying a bug that hid search messages when a browser’s width was less than 1025px


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