Display user names for mentions in Typetalk

We hope the latest roundup of app updates will make your holiday season jolly:

  • You can now display user names — rather than unique ID’s — when mentioning others in Typetalk.
  • You can exclude bot/integration messages when searching.
  • Dark mode is now available for devices using iOS 13.

Display user names for mentions

Have you ever seen a mention in Typetalk and struggled to figure out who the tagged person actually was? While giving each user a unique handle is useful, it can get confusing if someone chooses a unique ID that’s difficult for others to understand. So we’ve introduced a new option to display the user name in mentions instead.

Now, you can display the user name of the user mentioned, rather than their Unique ID, so you know who are being mentioned right away.

Username mention

To enable this option:

  • Go to your Settings in the left-hand menu and select “Application Settings”
  • Select “Use User Name instead of Unique ID for mentions”
  • Save your changes with the “Update” button

Mobile support for this feature is on the way, so stay tuned!

Exclude bot/integration messages in search

If you’ve enabled bots or other integrations, those services often post messages with similar verbiage. Now, you can choose to exclude those messages in search, so you can find the message you’re looking for quicker.

Simply choose the “Don’t include bots” option under the “Posted by” dropdown.

Typetalk iOS app now supports Dark Mode

iOS 13 wil now support the dark mode on Typetalk for iOS app.

iOS Dark Mode

The Typetalk for Android app support dark mode in the near future, so keep a lookout on the app and blog.

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