DMs to be separated by organization

It has been almost two months since we launched the new global bar in Typetalk. With it, we introduced a new way of organizing your topics: we now separate them by the organization they belong to. We also introduced the Organization Switcher, so users can switch between their different organizations and their associated topics with ease.

Until now, the direct messages (DMs) section of your Typetalk app has remained a collection of all DMs, regardless of organization. But that’s about to change!

On May 16th, we will begin separating DMs by their organization, the same way we do topics. That means when you use the Organization Switcher to change organizations, you will only see related topics and DMs.

Migrating your DMs

If a DM is already attached to an organization, that DM will automatically migrate on May 16th; however, if a DM is not attached to an organization, you will need to manually select its destination.

All DMs that are not attached to an organization can be found under the “Legacy Topics” organization in your global bar. When you open this, a dialogue box will prompt you to migrate your direct messages.

DM migration dialogue

If you dismiss this prompt, you can still migrate your DMs by going to your Legacy Topic organization, selecting the DM, and using the “Migrate Topics” button at the top of the chat. This button will walk you through the simple, 3-step process.

Other changes you’ll see

Because both topics and DMs are now separated by organization, you’ll notice a few other changes to your Typetalk experience, like:

  • Your Notifications and Likes Activity tabs will only display updates (i.e. mentions and likes) from your current organization’s topics and DMs. You will see a green dot appear in your global bar when your other organizations have new updates.
  • You can only send a DM to other users within your current organization.
  • You will not be able to create new DMs under the Legacy Topic organization.

notifications on Typetalk's global bar

For developers using the DM API

Due to these updates, you will not be able to use the existing end-point URL from our DM API v2. We have created a new version, v2, with the following end-point URL:{space key}/messages/{account name}

All other data will remain formatted the same as v1.

Benefits of this change

By cleanly separated your data between each of your organizations, we can now allow users to more deeply customize their Typetalk experience. From features to security measures, customers can create a better and more personalized Typetalk experience for their teams.

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