Edits within 30 seconds will not be marked as “Edited”

We know you’re typing more than ever and typos are a frequent cause of post-message remorse. We don’t want you to sweat the small stuff, so messages edited within 30 seconds of sending will not be marked with the “Edited” label in Typetalk.

Removing typo stress

It’s important to clearly mark edited messages as so. That way people aren’t confused if they look back at an old message and notice some differences. Or if two people are referencing the same post, they can quickly resolve why one person might remember things a little differently.

For frequent typo-sufferers, this “Edited” label can become a little haunting. Those of us who tend to send off messages too quickly and then immediately revise them might start to worry that so many “Edited” messages might make them look careless, when in fact we simply like to edit upon sending. 

To avoid the endless mark of “Edited” for simple corrections, we have introduced a grace period: If you edit a Typetalk message within 30 seconds, the message will not have an “Edited” label.

When testing this internally, many of our employees expressed relief in having a bit more flexibility to quickly correct typos or add ideas and clarifications without being labeled as “Edited” or having to send a second message right after the fact.

This goes for mobile, too

As long as you’re on the latest version of Typetalk, this change applies to the Typetalk app on your mobile device as well.

A sign of relief

With how many messages we’re all sending these days, we all deserve a little grace period to tidy and repair without anyone noticing. Enjoy!

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