Get mobile notifications for all messages on Typetalk

In our latest update to the Typetalk mobile apps for iOS and Android, we’ve added a new notification option for mobile to receive updates about all messages. Plus, you can now add multiple attachments at once on iOS.

Receive notifications about all messages

Previously on Typetalk’s mobile apps, you could choose to receive push notifications for mentions, direct messages, and messages in My Topics. Now, you have a new option to receive notifications on all messages, from all topics.

To enable this option, go to Application settings > Notifications, and select “All messages.”

Notification SettingsNotification Settings

While organizations with many topics and users tend to prefer only receiving notifications that directly mention them, others find that they want/need to stay on top of the conversations of every topic. With this new notification option, you’ll never miss a message again.

Add multiple attachments at once on iOS

You can also now add multiple attachments at once when working on the mobile app. Simply select each attachment you’d like to add to your message, and send.

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