Give us feedback in the Nulab Community!

In the past, we have used the Typetalk Feedback forum to collect valuable feedback from users. With the launch of the Nulab Community, we’ve decided it would be best to start collecting feedback where our users are already talking.

Please leave us feedback in the Nulab Community!

Check out the new Nulab Community, where you can chat with other Typetalk users as well as our Nulab Moderators about best practices, tips & tricks, and relevant trends.

If you have any new feedback, requests, or questions, add a new post! We’ll do our best to respond and take into consideration popular ideas and features for future development projects.

Retiring the old feedback forum

Since we will no longer be actively managing the feedback forum, we have decided to close it.

We will continue accepting feedback on the forum through 2021. But in January 2022, we will shut it down. All of the data we have received over the years will be backed up (while removing any personal information) and stored responsibly on a file server managed by Nulab, where we can continue to reference it for future projects.

On June 30, 2022, the forum will officially be deleted.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with our support team. We’ll see you in the Nulab Community!

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