Improved emojis plus new topic ‘Activity Log’ feature

An emoji is worth a thousand words (at least in our eyes). Which is why we’re releasing a few updates to make them more expressive and easy to use.

We’re also launching a new feature in Typetalk called Topic Activity Log. Now, your Space Admin can track changes made to your Topics.

Emoji updates

First things first, here is what’s new with emojis.

Options for Skin Tones

You should be able to give a thumbs up that represents you, and now you can!

Typetalk now supports six skin tone options. Select a default by clicking the “raised hand” emoji located on the bottom navigation of your emoji selection pop up.

Change your default, and your emojis will automatically change to match your selection.

iOS emojis supported

When sending an emoji using your mobile app, you can select any emoji available through your device, and it will display properly on Typetalk.

However, we’re still working on updating the emojis we have to offer in our web and desktop apps, so you will still be limited to our selection of emojis when sending from web/desktop.


Android emojis supported

Android users can now select emojis from their device’s keyboard rather than choosing Apple emojis from our panel. 

We will no longer support emojis for devices running less than Android 4.4.

Copy emoji syntax

If you want to copy a message and include your emoji, you can now copy the emoji syntax by selecting your message and hitting ⌘ Cmd + C (for Mac users) or Ctrl + C (for PC users). When you paste your message, the emoji syntax will be intact.

Topic Activity Log feature

Ever wonder who changed your Topic Description or added/deleted a member from your Topic? With your Topic Activity Log, Space Administrators are able to track those changes.

Any time a user commits a topic activity, such as creating/deleting a topic, adding/deleting members, changing the topic name/description, etc. the change will be logged and available to the Space Administrator.

Topic Activity Log

Space Administrators can locate this information from the Organization Settings page of any Topic.

Organization Settings

Note: The Topic Activity Log feature is available for paid plans only.

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