Have old topics you don’t use but can’t get rid of? Archive them!

Not all Typetalk topics were created to last forever. Many are based on particular projects, teams, and moments in a company that have a natural end. For these topics, we’re releasing our new archiving feature, so you can get them out of the way without losing them — just in case.

How to archive a Typetalk topic

Simply open the settings page of the topic and click the “Archive this topic” link. Once archived, your topic will no longer show up on your topic list. And the topic’s contents will be read-only.

How to archive a topic

When a topic is archived, members CAN:

  • Search messages
  • Invite members
  • Create a Talk
  • Like a message

However, members CANNOT:

  • Post messages
  • Add bots/integrations
  • Edit the topic’s name/description

Please note: All bots and integrations also become inactive once a topic is archived.

How to unarchive a topic

If you realize you need the reactivate a topic for any reason, simply open the settings page of the archived topic and click the “Unarchive this topic” link. All features will be restored, you can continue using it like any other active topic.

How to unarchive a topic

Searching for archived topics

You can search for archived topics in two ways: (1) using the new “Archive” category under your topics bar or (2) using the search icon at the top of your topics.

Archive menu on topic list

Deleting topics

To ensure that users don’t accidentally delete topics thinking they’re archiving them, we have added a confirmation checkbox when deleting a topic.

Confirm deleting a topic


Typetalk’s iOS and Android apps will both support topic archiving when you upgrade to the latest version.

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