Invite new users from a Topic & delete attachments in Typetalk

For our latest Typetalk product update, we have made it easier than ever to invite new users to your organization, and we have included a handy feature for those of us who sometimes wish we could delete an attachment moments after we’ve hit ‘send.’

Inviting New Users to Typetalk

Previously, you needed to go through your Nulab Account to add new users to Typetalk. But no more!

Your Organization Administrator can now invite new users directly from the Edit Topic page. Simply input the person’s email address and set their role. Click “Update,” and an email invitation will ask them to join the organization.

Once the new user accepts the invitation via email, they will be added to both the organization and the topic automatically.

Edit Topic Members

Organization Administrators can also cancel invitations using the same page.

Delete a member

Deleting Attachments

Our editing feature is now even more powerful: it lets you delete attachments from messages you posted.

Just select “Edit” on the message menu, and a delete icon will appear for each image. Once clicked, the attachment is permanently deleted.

how to delete images from typetalk messages

Other updates

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