iOS extension and web app improvements

Hi there, this is Taichiro Yoshida from Nulab’s Typetalk team. For my first Nulab blog post, I’ll be sharing Typetalk’s latest updates.

iOS Extension

Now you can share links, text, and images to Typetalk directly from other apps. When you select the share button, you will see the Typetalk icon next to Message and Mail. But before you hit that post button, make sure it’s going to the right topic! You can choose the topic from the bottom of the dialogue box.

Enable sharing to Typetalk

To get started, please enable Typetalk in the sharing settings. This action is required only once.

Share Setting

Sharing links

Share articles and other links directly from Safari to Typetalk (see the animated GIF below). This eliminates the tedious copy and paste process.

Share Extension URL

Sharing Photos

You can post multiple photos at once from the photo gallery. You can also edit images in other apps first (e.g., Skitch) and then share to Typetalk. Communicating using images just got easier.

Share Extension Photos

Web Application Improvement

Embed Speaker Deck, SlideShare, SoundCloud

Previously, only YouTube videos could be embedded in Typetalk. Now, you can also embed Speaker Deck, SlideShare, and SoundCloud.

Embed Speaker Deck

Please let us know if there are any services you want added to Typetalk! We want to make your Typetalk experience the best possible.

Filter talks

Do you use talk function? Talks act as smaller group conversations within the larger topics. We added a filter feature that searches talk titles so that you don’t have trouble finding them later on.

Filtering Talks

Language completion for code block

The following block is syntax-highlighted.

```Programing Language

We’ve started suggesting programing languages for your code block. After you type the opening bracket, the next letter prompts a list of programming languages containing that letter (see image below). Selecting the desired language will automatically add the language name and the closing brackets. Please use this feature to have team discussions with tidy and highlighted codes!


We have plans for more convenient features and improvements. We welcome any feedback from our valuable users.

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