Typetalk’s ‘Likes Activity’ now Available on iOS and as API

This month, we’re releasing a few enhancements to our Likes Activity feature.

About Likes Activity

Whenever you or someone on your team gives a heart, or “like,” to a message, it gets tracked in the Likes Activity tab of Typetalk. This tab allows you to review likes you’ve received and given to others, as well as discover popular messages within your organization or community.

Likes Activity

Likes Activity on iOS

While Typetalk’s web app users have been enjoying this feature for a while, it hasn’t been available on mobile before, until now.

We’re introducing Likes Activity for iOS! And Android implementation is quickly on its way.

Likes Activity for iOS


We also published new content to our open API about Likes Activity, so your development team can get as creative as they’d like with this feature.

Check out:

Other Improvements

We have one more improvement to share for today. Previously, images with transparent backgrounds were sometimes difficult to distinguish in certain environments. Therefore, we’ve added a tiled background to all transparent background images.

transparent background 1Before

transparent background 2After


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