New Access Control feature for restricting IPs

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it again and again: your security is our priority. That includes making sure you have the tools you need to control exactly who can and cannot access your information in the first place.

Today, we’re releasing a new feature that lets you restrict the IP addresses that can access your Typetalk organization called Access Control*.

How it works

Many organizations limit access to their apps and information by IP address. Sometimes they restrict access to just their on-site offices. Other times they include the particular IP addresses of their off-site employees, too. Either way, now you have the power to do just that with Typetalk’s Access Control.

Simply have your Typetalk Administrator login to Typetalk and enter in the IP addresses you want to grant access to. As soon as they save, only users logging onto Typetalk via your designated IP addresses can access your organization.

How to enable it

Ask your Administrator to follow these three steps:

  1. Navigate to the Access Control page via Settings > Manage Organization > Access Control
  2. Enter the IP addresses you want to grant access to in IPv4 format. You can specify the IP range by subnet (e.g.
  3. Select the ‘Save’ button to save and your new IP address restrictions are immediately effective

Access Control Page - Typetalk

Bulk registration

Alternatively, you can register multiple IP addresses — up to 50 max — at once using a CSV file. Keep in mind that your file upload will overwrite any IP addresses previously registered, so make sure to add them into your spreadsheet before uploading.

Bulk upload Access Control - Typetalk

Things to consider

There are a few things to consider before using Access Control.


When you enable Access Control, your users will only be able to browse and post to Typetalk while their mobile devices are connected via a permitted IP address.

This also means that push notifications will also only send when connected through these addresses. However, you have the option to allow push notifications from any connection on the settings page.

Alternatively, if you use a VPN for your company’s mobile devices, you can register that IP address, and push notifications will not be disrupted.


If you’re using one of our Typetalk integrations for apps such as Backlog, Cacoo, and Github, they will not be affected by any IP restrictions you set up. However, if you’re using other integration services, including bots, you’ll need to register your IPs to continue using them.

For Developers

We cannot restrict any APIs that pass data across the organization. Therefore, if you’re using Access Control, you will not be able to use the following APIs:

  • Get my topics (v1)
  • Search messages API (v1)
  • Get my friends API (v1, v2)
  • Get notifications list API (v1)
  • Read notification API (v1)
  • Get mention list API (v1)
  • Get likes – receive API (v1)
  • Get likes – give API (v1)
  • Get likes – discover API (v1)
  • Read received likes API (v1)
  • Streaming (v1)

Please note: Always use the latest API versions except for the streaming API, which is currently in beta.

Final note

If you have questions along the way or need more guidance, check out our new FAQ on Access Control or send us a quick message, so we can help you out.

*This feature is available for paid plans only.

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