New global bar features Organization Switcher

Do you belong to more than one organization on Typetalk? Then this update is for you!

As you know, Typetalk users who belong to multiple organizations currently see all of their topics listed in their sidebar at once, regardless of which organization creates them. While this allows users to see everything in one place, it often causes more confusion than convenience.

Starting now, you will only see one organization’s topics in your sidebar at a time, and you will be able to switch between organizations using the new global bar at the top of your app.

Users affected by this feature

There are two groups affected by this change:

  • Users who belong to multiple organizations
  • Users who joined Typetalk before we created organizations (in March 2016)

There is no direct impact to users who only belong to one Typetalk organization.

Benefits of this change

First, it keeps your workflow organized. Having your dashboard display one organization at a time allows you to focus on the work at hand, rather than making sure you’re posting your latest message in the right place.

Second, it allows for more security options for your team. Because the current UI puts all topics together, it’s difficult for us to allow for custom functions specific to each organization. Making this change will give organizations the option to apply things like IP restrictions specific to their needs.

How to use Organization Switcher

At the top of your Typetalk application, you will see a new global bar displaying the name of the organization you are currently working in. When you click the name of your organization, a drop-down menu with all of your organizations will appear.

Use the Organization Switcher menu to select which organization you would like to switch to next.

Typetalk's new global bar

For topics that do not belong to any organization, you can choose the selection titled “Legacy Topics”.

How to view Notifications & Likes Activity

On your sidebar, you will only receive notifications for the selected organization. If you receive a notification from an organization you don’t currently have selected, you will need to switch to that organization to view it.

notifications in Typetalk

No changes to DMs, for now

For now, direct messages (DMs) will not be separated by organization. But we plan to release this change in the future.

For topics not attached to an organization

Eventually, we plan to have all topics belong to an organization. But we will have more information on that later. For now, you can access these topics under the “Legacy Topics” section of your Organization Switcdrop-downdown menu.


The following is only applicable to accounts created before March 2016.

Prior to March 2016, we hadn’t yet developed the organization structure for Typetalk, which also meant that we hadn’t yet created groups. Instead, topic members could be categorized by “teams.”

Many users have since moved over to the organization plan and created groups, but some are still working off the old team structure.

If you haven’t made the leap by the time of this release, you will notice that your teams are no longer available in your Topic Settings. Rather than seeing a team name, you will see the individual topic member’s listed.

team (before)Teams (before)

team (after)Teams (after)

But don’t worry: you still have time to transfer your teams into groups within an organization before the release of this update. In doing so, you can more easily share new topics with existing groups of your team.

If you haven’t yet, we recommend that you transfer your teams to the new organization structure ASAP.

Mobile users

Mobile users also get to enjoy the new global bar and Organization Switcher. All you have to do is update the mobile app to the latest version, and you’re ready to go!

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